The cliche (2018)

What happens when two guys are fed up with the typical cliches of a romantic comedy movie?

Directed by Bronsen Bloom | Written by Shane O’Connor | Produced by Ethan Cappello, Thomas Cross, Bronsen Bloom

Starring Shanne O’Connor, Kaley Roberts, Thomas Cross, and Ethan Cappello

Amontillado (2017)

Deceit. Betrayal. Revenge. No sin goes unpunished.

Written and Directed by Thomas Cross | Produced by Ethan Cappello 

Starring: Sean Grogg, Jack Brickner, and Emma Cuba

sunrise paradise (2017)

Just how far will Jake go to get the woman of his dreams? A story of love and lies in paradise. 

Directed by Bronsen Bloom | Written by Thomas Cross | Produced by Ethan Cappello

Starring Ethan Cappello, Yessenia Cossio, Guillermo Ayestas, and Adam Brudnicki